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  • Warhammer: Odyssey Presents New Features and Bug Fixes in the Next Planned Update

    What have Virtual Realms been up to since the soft launch of Warhammer: Odyssey began in February? According to the latest announcement on Discord, the developers have been hard at work fixing bugs, and expanding on the content that is already there.

  • Outriders Apologizes for Inventory Wipe Bug, Outlines Gear Restoration Plan

    Outriders released April 1st and was met with mixed reactions as servers were slammed, and crashes prevented players from a smooth experience. Recently, a massive bug that is clearing player inventories, including their equipped gear, has wreaked immeasurable havoc, and People Can Fly (PCF) wants players to know they plan to do something about it.

  • Elite Dangerous: A Trip Into Neutral Territory

    Mike loves Babylon 5, so he took a moment to do some sci-fi tourism in Elite Dangerous to check out the system where the iconic sci-fi show's epnymously named station was situated - Epsilon III.

  • Elyon Reiterates Buy-To-Play Business Model, Talks Old Airship Elements And Showcases Character In Upcoming MMO

    Kakao Games is slowing pulling back the veil on their upcoming MMO, Elyon (the MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm). In a FAQ posted in an Elyon fan server, CM Yukimura detailed some answers from the Elyon team to some of the burning questions surrounding the MMORPG.

  • Golden Ears: HIFIMAN HE-R10D: A Dive into the HiFi High-End

    Welcome back to Golden Ears. Today, we're looking at a very interesting product from HIFIMAN. Coming in at $1299, the HE-R10D features solid wood earcups and nano-coated topology drivers. Join us as we take a closer look!

  • New World Gives A Glimpse At New Weapon, The Ice Gauntlet

    After a retweeting goal was reached on Twitter, Amazon's New World broke the ice on a new weapon players can use in Aeternum, the Ice Gauntlet.

  • Raph Koster Explores Social Play In MMOs In Latest Playable Worlds Blog Update

    Raph Koster of Playable Worlds has taken to the game company's blog to talk game design, this time talking about the social networks and contstructs that make up MMO game design.

  • Patch Notes For Final Fantasy 14's Patch 5.5 Death Unto Dawn Update Are Now Live

    Final Fantasy 14 posted the patch notes for its upcoming update, Death Unto Dawn, today. The patch notes set the stage for next week's 5.5 update coming to the MMO alongside the anticipated PS5 beta.

  • Raid Testing Opening Up Next Week For WoW Classic's The Burning Crusade Beta

    While this week saw World of Warcraft's The Burning Crusade Classic Beta reach a level cap of 70, opening up Heroic Dungeons, Raids were still left on the table. Blizzard announced that raid testing will be begin next week, inching ever closer to a full TBCC launch.

  • Multiplayer Online WWII Shooter Enlisted Now Live On PC, Xbox And PlayStation

    Enlisted, billed as a MMO shooter set in the throes of World War II, is now live having just completed its closed beta testing. The online game is available for free on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X and PC.

  • Spellbreak Chapter 2: The Fracture is Out Now

    Chapter 2: The Fracture for Spellbreak is now live across PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Curious about some details? Thinking about diving in and checking it out? We've got you covered.

  • EVE Anywhere Is Ruining My Productivity

    Ever since Bradford could start playing EVE Online in a browser window, he's been even more hooked on the MMO - probably with worrying results.

  • Fallout 76 Update 26 Bringing New Additions to Daily Ops

    The most recent Inside the Vault for Fallout 76 shared some new details on its upcoming Update 26, including the changes for Daily Ops.

  • Receive a Gift Package for MU Online's Upcoming Speed Server

    There's a special gift package waiting for you in MU Online ahead of its upcoming Speed Server launch. This includes tickets, timed weapons, and more to prep you for the speed server. Here are some of the details.

  • Claim the Lampadati Tropos Rallye for Free in GTA Online Through April 14

    You can get your hands on a Lampadati Tropos Rallye in GTA Online this week through April 14. And the best part? It's free. Be sure to grab it from Southern San Andreas Super Autos before time runs out if you're so inclined.

  • ESO Adventures: I Saved Western Skyrim

    I saved Western Skyrim, you guys. That's pretty much the headline here on this week's Elder Scrolls Online journal. Of course, a lot more went down during my heroic struggle against the Gray Host. Let's discuss.

  • MMO Publisher Gamigo Is Bringing Tower Defense Online Game Skydome To Europe And North America

    Skydome, an upcoming online game from Kinship Entertainment, has been announced by MMO publisher Gamigo this morning. The game is described as blending tower defense and MOBA elements to create a "uniquely cooperative and competitive" game.

  • Path of Exile Drops A New Trailer For Path of Exile 2, As Well As Give Extensive Look At Gameplay

    In a new stream today, Grinding Gear Games gave a showcase of the work it's made on the upcoming sequel to its award-winning ARPG, Path of Exile 2. First shown off at Exilecon in 2019, this new trailer and gameplay reveal gives player more of an idea of what to expect when the sequel drops next year.

  • Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival Underway

    The Super Adventure Festival for Guild Wars 2 is currently underway bringing some some new adventure, and "educational entertainment" for your chance at earning holographic weapons and loot.

  • Magic: Legends Talks Week 3 Of The ARPG's Open Beta Looking Ahead To Future Update

    In the third week (and as many State of the Game posts) of the Magic: Legends open beta, executive producer Steve Ricossa talks about the changes coming in its mid-April update.

  • Conan Exiles to Add More Biomes and Land For Isle of Siptah Update 2.4

    The full launch of Conan Exiles expansion, Isle of Siptah, sounds like it will receive some big updates seeing more biomes, more landmass, and, well, more. This update 2.4 looks to be a big one. Here's what's in store.

  • Wizard101's Spring Test Realm Brings Massive Balance Changes

    Recently released to the testing realm, Wizard101 has introduced it's Spring Update for 2021. This update focuses heavily on more fine tuning, adding spell diversity to each school, and if you're a marshmallow fanatic, boy do they have a treat for you!

  • Norrathian Stride - Dealing With Burn Out In EverQuest 2

    J is having some issues with burn out. Playing through EverQuest 2 right now as he gets his way up to the current content, doing it solo has become a slog. Is this something you feel in an MMO as well, especially when the social parts of the MMO are nonexistent for large stretches?

  • Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's Alpha Phase 2 Launches Today With A Guide To Conflict Zones

    Elite Dangerous' Odyssey Alpha is currently ongoing, and the team has entered phase two of its testing, opening up the ability for players to travel beyond the initial solar system the phase was locked into. To help those players along, the team at Frontier has released a new trailer detailing conflict zones in Odyssey.

  • Corsair K70 RGB TKL Review

    The Corsair K70 is back! It's just smaller this time around and has a suite of improvements. We've taken it for a spin and are ready to tell you what we think! Find out what's improved in our review of the Corsair K70 RGB TKL!

  • Glitched Raptor Is Invincible in Final Fantasy 14

    So here's a fun thing. It looks like a raptor has glitched out in Final Fantasy 14 and, among other things, appears to be invincible. The fearless unmoving raptor has been making the rounds amongst the community.

  • Outriders Review - It's Brutal and Unrelenting, but in a Good Way

    At first glance, you can easily mistake Outriders as a forgettable looter-shooter RPG. Tread carefully Outrider, there is much more than what the mere demo showed, and you may want to think twice before you knock Enoch.

  • Dauntless Reward Caches Launch Today with Update 1.6.0

    Today is the day Dauntless waves goodbye to the Vault and says hello to reward caches. This update 1.6.0 is set to introduce the Infinite Radiance season in game as well, so expect a roadmap for that soon. Here are the details.

  • Elder Scrolls Online's Blackwood Region to Feature Diverse Environments

    The media for Elder Scrolls Online's upcoming chapter, Blackwood, has been ramping up of late. This latest preview was all about the diversity in the landscape, and much more. Here's some of what was shared.

  • Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Review

    Corsair just released its latest gaming mouse, the Sabre RGB Pro, at $59.99. Featuring a blisteringly fast 8000 Hz response rate, should this be your new gaming mouse? Find out in our review.

  • Defendants in Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit Deciding Whether to Challenge Complaint

    It's been a minute since the previous update in the ongoing lawsuit regarding Chronicles of Elyria developers Soulbound Studios, Xsolla, and consumers. Just yesterday, however, an update was posted in the lawsuit's Discord channel notifying us of the next step in the process.

  • Flyff and Rappelz Are Hosting A Giveaways This Month, Doling Out Bora Coins

    Developer Gala Lab is hosting a giveaway across two of their MMOs, Flyff and Rappelz, that could see some players earn cash prizes this month. The Bora Coin Giveaway starts on April 7th.

  • Multiplayer Sandbox Game Myth Of Empires Is Holding A Global Alpha Test April 15th

    Myth of Empires is an in-development multiplayer sandbox game slated to hit early access on Steam. The team announced today that an upcoming global alpha test is being planned for April 15th through April 23rd, inching them closer to that goal.

  • MSI Stealth 15M A11UEK Gaming Laptop Review

    First unveiled at CES 2021, Intel and its partners are finally releasing their brand new "ultraportable gaming" laptops. We were loaned the MSI Stealth 15M to see exactly what ultralight, ultrathin gaming looks like and whether it's worth buying to grind on the go. Find out in our review.

  • Final Fantasy 14 Community Team Shows Off Some Of The Quality Of Life Changes Coming With Patch 5.5

    If you're looking for quality of life updates in the next patch for Final Fantasy XIV, the community team has you covered. In their latest blog post the team showcased some of the changes players can expect to see with next week's update.

  • Black Desert Online Is Free Right Now For Amazon Prime Members Through May 5th

    So if you've not had the chance to dive into Black Desert Online for PC, now is a great time to start. Pearl Abyss has announced today that Amazon Prime Gaming Members will be able to get BDO for PC for free from now through May 5th.

  • EverQuest 2 Patch Brings Changes to Vex Thal, TLE

    A new patch for EverQuest 2 has released alongside the server maintenance which took place on Tuesday morning. The patch notes indicate some changes to Vax Thal in addition to TLE. Here's what you can expect in the latest update.

  • World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic's Beta Level Cap Is Now Increased To 70, Opening Up Heroic Dungeons For Testing

    The World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic's beta is ongoing and players can now start to level their toons up to 70, opening up even more content to test before the expansion launches fully later this year.

  • ZOS Investigating Invisible Monsters on Xbox Elder Scrolls Online

    Are you playing Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox systems and noticing (or not noticing) invisible monsters? Well, you might not be alone. Several such issues have been reported by Xbox gamers and it seems like Zenimax Online Studios are investigating.

  • Grab a Wilderness Care Package in Red Dead Online This Week

    Red Dead Online is all about the wilderness this week with a care package of sorts. You can also look forward to various bonuses and discounts.

  • Monster Hunter Rise Review

    Monster Hunter Rise takes the action on-the-go and introduces some new improvements and lessons learned from the highly successful Monster Hunter World. But does this new Monster Hunter title Rise to the occasion?

  • [UPDATE] Dual Universe's Novaquark Confirms Jean-Christophe No Longer Running Day-to-Day Operations

    Novaquark, the developers behind space sandbox game Dual Universe, has seen a change in President if recent stock filings are to be believed. And it turns out that Founder Jean-Christophe is no longer running day-to-day operations.

  • Final Fantasy 14 Roleplayers Find Carrd As Destination For Creativity

    FFXIV roleplayers put characters on display through the free site-building service given a lack of in-game resources and in lieu of third-party mods.

  • Gameforge Bringing Swords of Legends Online to the West Later This Year

    Gameforge is a publisher you are no doubt familiar with as they are a major Western publisher for several MMOs like AION, TERA, and many others. And it seems like they are working to bring the Asian RPG series Guijan to the West later this year as Swords of Legends Online (SOLO). Here are the details.

  • Gloria Victis Upgrades Their Engine - Promises Better Graphics and Stability

    If you've been playing Gloria Victis then you may be aware of a new client-side engine version that has been running alongside the older client for months. Black Eye Games decided to completely make the switch to the new engine at the end of March.

  • RuneScape Sending Third Wave Of Emails For Locked-Out Accounts As It Continues It's 20th Anniversary Celebrations

    RuneScape has been working hard at restoring accounts lost in the last month or so, sending waves of emails to those accounts that have been affected. This morning the team at Jagex announced the third wave of accounts that are impacted should be recieving emails, getting them back into the MMO. This is all with the backdrop of the current 20th Anniversary content ongoing in the long-standing MMO.

  • DC Universe Online's Upcoming World of Flashpoint Episode Detailed, Coming April 15th

    In a post on the PlayStation Blog today, DC Universe Online's upcoming 40th Episode, World of Flashpoint, was detailed. The next update for DCUO will be hitting platforms on April 15th.

  • Elder Scrolls Online's Game Director Talks Compensation Following PlayStation Outages

    The Elder Scrolls Online's PlayStation servers have been going through some issues the last day, and while they are back up right now the game's director, Matt Firor, put out a statement to discuss the issue and how they are implementing compensation for affected players.

  • No Man's Sky Experimental Patch Fixes Crashes and More

    A new experimental patch has been released for space exploration game, No Man's Sky. The patch is set to contain several fixes and addresses some crashing experienced by some players. Here's what you can expect in the patch, and how to opt into the experimental branch on Steam.

  • Diablo II: Resurrected's Technical Alpha Begins This Weekend With A Single-Player Test

    For those who have been waiting to get their hands on Diablo II: Resurrected, this weekend might be your chance if you're able to get into the technical alpha. This test run, starting on Friday, April 9th, will see Blizzard test out the single-player version of the remastered ARPG.

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